Get Fit, Stay Fit

Teaches elementary aged children that exercise, good eating habits, and an active lifestyle can be fun.

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School Yard Defense

With Zero Tolerance being the rule of law, offers middle and high school aged students methods to decrease their chances of being involved in an altercation on school grounds and anti-bullying concepts. Topics covered will be personal presentation, conflict communication skills, de-escalation continuum and as a last resort, physical defensive skills that mitigate injury while neutralizing an assault.

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Intro. To Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Covers basic positions, survival and escape, high success submissions, and movement skills as well as BJJ conditioning methods.

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Tactical Folders Pt.2

Explore the relationship between the knife, empty-hand defensive tactics and their common principles of motion. Teaching the difference between COMBATIVE TECHNIQUES and CAREER MARTIAL ART TECHNIQUES and determining efficacy. Adrenal Stress Drills facing overt and ambush attacks.

BRING YOUR OWN EDC, UTILITY, OR TACTICAL FOLDER AND A SMALL TRAINING KNIFE (I will have several trainers with me just in case)
Wear loose clothing or fatigues and bring a mouthpiece.
A groin protector is HIGHLY recommended for males.

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Tactical Folders Pt.1

Teaching basic principles of using a blade, debating the fallacy of a \"knife fight\", folder carry and deployment, using the folder as a self-defense tool, and Law Enforcement considerations (weapon retention facilitation and counter weapon).

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Site News

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Premier Kempo has a new website

Rick is working on getting it on-line ASAP. Please come by and take a look !!!.... Read More...


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Dragon Kenpo

Ages 6-8 are also some of the most impressionable years for a child where most of their personality .... Read More...

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Junior Kenpo

This age group (9 to 12) is characterized by a need to explore their powers yet who are still in nee.... Read More...

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Adult Kenpo

Most adults seek martial arts training for self defense and fitness purposes. With AMERICAN KENP.... Read More...

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