Standing and ground based choke applications, learning methods and techniques that use clothing as the leverage point as well as naked chokes.

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Fighting the Pain Resistant Attacker

Exploring the use of takedowns, strikes and manipulations that target the CNS and Skeletal structure when pain or pain compliance is ineffective. LEO Note: Strikes intended for certain skeletal targets WILL CAUSE DAMAGE. Check with Dept. Regs. prior to implementing them into your Defensive Tactics.

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Street Fighting 101

Gross Motor Skill striking methods and applications once the fight is on. Zoning, targeting, movement, and detailed weapons use will be emphasized. Basic groundwork with an emphasis on returning to a standing position will also be covered.

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Speed and Power 101

Teaching Concepts, Principles, and Applications using velocity as the primary driver of creating power. A strong emphasis on body mechanics and relaxed energy will be taught as well as weapons formation.

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Basic Self-Defense

An interactive workshop teaching the why`s and how`s of asocial violence, understanding both the predator and prey mindset, detailing the physiological affects of the adrenal dump, personal safety and avoidance, conflict communications, and internalizing gross motor skill responses to an attack.

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Premier Kempo has a new website

Rick is working on getting it on-line ASAP. Please come by and take a look !!!.... Read More...


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Junior Kenpo

This age group (9 to 12) is characterized by a need to explore their powers yet who are still in nee.... Read More...

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Dragon Kenpo

Ages 6-8 are also some of the most impressionable years for a child where most of their personality .... Read More...

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Adult Kenpo

Most adults seek martial arts training for self defense and fitness purposes. With AMERICAN KENP.... Read More...

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