Producing Winners

My grandson started training with Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina when he was 4 years old. They gave Josh, positive direction in the karate studio and always left him with something to work with and improve on when at home.

Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina's training was always spot-on and they worked well with children and adults alike. Unfortunately, all students don't learn at the same rate as others. To some, karate comes easily and others soon find it may not be what they were looking for. Those that quit usually find a reason to stop their training and in this day and age, quitters more often than not, blame others for their failure.

All sports have trainers that push their students towards improvement. Pushing produces winners and those that lack that positive reinforcement from their trainers soon become today's quitters and tomorrow's failures. Students that resent being pushed towards a goal would be better off staying at home watching TV.

Josh was pushed at times and it made him a better person because of it. He soon performed his movements and techniques at a higher level of expertise. He didn't complain, he simply listened and adjusted to what was being asked of him. The pushing I refer to was not a mean thing, it was a positive thing.

Josh received a black belt in the Little Dragon's age group and a black belt in the Junior's age group and achieved a brown belt in the Teen's age group. He didn't buy any of his black belts and he wasn't given his black belts ... he earned every one of his black belts through determination, dedication and hard work.

Josh has since moved on to a career in boxing. Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina gave Josh the tools and confidence necessary to pursue any activity he becomes interested in. Josh still has fond memories of his karate days and the fun times he had.

Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina are highly professional in the way they operate their business. They realize the importance of their clientele and always address their client's needs when those needs are brought to their attention. The karate training they provide is second to none. If you are thinking of karate training look here and no further.

A final note ... I read the poor review given by Kevin and his wife Lora on this and another site. I don't know them, but I do know Lora has given a total of 3 reviews for 3 different businesses and ALL her reviews were poor. Seems like she's never satisfied, no matter where she goes. I do see a common denominator here. Do you?

John K,


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Highly Recommend

Our family loves this place. The instructors are great with the children. The kids have a great time together as well as learning the discipline and the martial arts techniques. We have been with Premier Kenpo for 3 years and it has been a wonderful 3 yrs. We have never had a negative experience. I highly recommend this place if your looking for a good and honest place to learn karate. They have classes for all ages groups.



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Constant Encouragement

I first started training with and learning from Mr. Rick around 1994 in Mississippi. My initial opinion of him, the breadth of his knowledge, and the quality of his instruction was beyond excellent. Since then, my opinion has strengthened. Although life took me in another direction, and took him in another direction as well, I have followed and kept up with him and Ms. Tina and can say, beyond any doubt, that they are above reproach. After they moved, I actually stayed away from martial arts for quite a while because I did not want to study with and learn from anyone else.

I have taken the lessons and training he taught with me on my martial arts endeavors and still use them to this day. I remember vividly the explosiveness of \"Fight Night,\" the fellowship with other academies, the willingness to bring in and learn from other martial arts, the practical applications to combat, and the constant encouragement to individual growth.

Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina are top notch. I would recommend them to anyone interested in and desiring to train martial arts. But more importantly, beyond martial arts, they are excellent people.



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Great place. We love it. Love the owners too, very good dedicated people. Brought my son to ATA and that was a joke. I highly Recommend checking this place out before considering anything else.



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Best Instructors

Love the instructors, Mr. Brumby and mrs. Tina are two of the best instructors you will find in Kenpo.


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