Nature of the Attack

Another question came up concerning Destroying Wedge and the nature of the attack. Below is the excerpt:

One technique tip video I would like to see would be Yellow belts Destroying wedge. Been doing and teaching this for years but have some trouble when the attackers hand are far apart on the push, then people take their block around the barn to get outside the left arm or they thrust the block across to much and turn their opponent sideways. Sometimes they even go inside the left arm and only get the right. Lol.
Anyway, thanks. Russ

First, the long answer
This is a VERY common problem when working outside of ANY front ballistic attack. This has been covered in depth by Mr. Parker and re-enforced by Mr. Paul using the AKKI style of movement. All AK techniques were written from a relatively strict "ideal" attack.
My interpretation of Mr. Paul's "ideal" is not near as strict as Mr. Parker's allowing for more flexibility in the response.
This concept is taught on the very first technique in the AKKI curriculum FLASHING SWORDS.
The "secret" to our fast responses is the Wedge. Using the OODA concept and Hick's Law as guides, we can not react quickly enough to orbital variations once the attack is initiated. If we have the luxury of recognizing the attack in its pureness, all the time in the world to choose one of our two hand push techniques, and the skill set to implement the "correct" response, then all is good in Happyville. If you've ever had somebody jack you into a wall with a two hand push though, Happyville is no longer in the equation.
As the Rangers say, a simple plan executed violently is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.
If you study the AKKI techniques in depth, you'll find that most responses to front ballistic attacks work off the wedge.

The wedge has been around forever and can be found in most systems because it works (as far as not getting hit) with minimal training and not a lot of thought. The wedge is built off the flinch or startle response which takes an incredible amount of reality based training and fine tuned awareness skill to overcome. Even the best Operators in the world freeze and/or flinch in the face of a sudden attack. Their strength is their ability to overcome it in the blink of an eye. Getting back to Destroying Wedge, if the student is being programmed to adjust his response to the attack during its trajectory, you are setting that student up for failure.

Remember, the attacker is already halfway to the target before the student moves (see Mr. Parker's Reaction beating Action). Whether the hands are close or far apart, I still use the same wedge and let my opponent's structure determine my next response. If his hands are close, Destroying Wedge. If has hands are further apart, Divided Fury.

I teach my students that Blocks are knee-jerk, gross motor skill reactions. They do work during a committed assault but have much less efficacy in a fight. Instead, I get my students working wedges and interceptions as quickly as possible and Mr. Paul has taught a number of drills emphasizing these skill sets. I feel wedging itself is a gross motor skill with the fine motor skills being angle and the follow on targeting.

Now for the short answer
Destroying Wedge is for a two and push with the hands close together. Have your attack follow that ideal so the student can learn the mechanics of that response.

Hope that helps.

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