Timing Patterns

I had a question from one our AKKI members that I thought would be of interest to all.

Hi Mr Brumby

On your clip about Circling Destruction you mention 4 main timing patterns. There are a number of patterns and variations I was curious to which 4 you are talking about. My guess is inward inward outward and outward inward inward are two of them. Then maybe outward outward inward and maybe swirling?

Thanks. Russ

Great question Russ, Mr. Paul has codified four timing patterns:

#1 Inward-Inward-Outward

#2 Outward-Outward-Inward

#3 Outward-Inward-Inward

#4 Inward-Outward-Inward

All the rest are combinations of the above or have insertions in conjunction with the above. Those patterns mean absolutely nothing to one who has not trained under an AKKI Instructor. AKKI timing is audible and must be heard to be learned. What I have found is that many AKKI students go through a process of learning the patterns. First, you learn the rhythm; second, you use the rhythm to develop speed. Third, your learn the mechanics to SUPPORT everything you have learned up to this point. The Fourth and final stage, you learn the micro-refinements that Mr. Paul has built into the patterns. Unfortunately, many get to the speed portion and stay there because it looks and sounds very effective. To the un-learned, it is very impressive but to the predator standing in front you, you may as well be tickling him. Mr. Paul has been hammering the AKKI members to `get the rest of the story`. It`s easy to get to step two in the learning process, the rest takes a lot of time and diligent effort under a knowledgeable instructor. I don`t know if Mr. Paul will allow me to film the patterns so we`ll wait and see on that one.

Feel free to ask any questions about the system. Again, I can answer most and want I can`t, I`ll send to Mr. Paul.


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