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Self Discipline

Self-Discipline and discipline were the reasons why I decided to register my son Sammy for martial arts.

Premier Kenpo brought to my son's life more than I expected.

Courage, respect and self-esteem are also attributes that are taught at Premier Kenpo.

Thank you Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina for all your positive input in my son's life


Proud Parent

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Self Improvement

I have been doing Kenpo Karate for four years.
I started when I was five years old.

Premier Kenpo has made me stronger in mind and body.

I can defend myself.

I like the instruction and training at Premier Kenpo Karate with Mr. Rick and Ms. Tina.



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Self Confidence

I have my granddaughter in this class and it is more than I expected.

This class isn't just about exercise and self-defense.

This is about gaining self-confidence and building self-esteem and character.

The students get praised when they deserve it and disciplined when they need it.

This class is about striving to be the best you can be in life and earning respect for others and yourself.

This is a great class for all ages.


Proud Grandmother

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Site News

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Premier Kempo has a new website

Rick is working on getting it on-line ASAP. Please come by and take a look !!!.... Read More...


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Adult Kenpo

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Junior Kenpo

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Dragon Kenpo

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